The exterior of your conservatory will be hand-cleaned using brushes and we use a high-performance bio-degradable cleaning agent which is non-toxic to your plants etc.

Our cleaning agent is mixed to our own unique specification. We do not use anyone else’s product. Our cleaning agent is safe for frames and seals, effectively removing all traces of algae, moss and environmental pollutants to bring your conservatory back to looking like new!

To clean a conservatory properly you need a detergent/cleaning agent – you wouldn’t clean dishes or clothes without a cleaning agent and your conservatory is no different. Some companies just use pure water when cleaning. Water on its own is not sufficient to clean a conservatory thoroughly.

You may have tried to clean your conservatory yourself and discovered how hard it is to keep uPVC or woodwork looking good, with the roof being the last and hardest job you get round to.

Our service provides cleaning of the conservatory guttering, the roof and finials (if fitted) and the framework and window modules, ensuring your conservatory is finished to a high standard.

The interior of your conservatory is also hand-cleaned. We clean all frames, window modules, door and window shuts. If blinds are fitted these are removed and vacuumed. All fittings are also removed and cleaned. The blinds are then replaced and re-tensioned.

Additionally, we can repair and maintain many types of blinds including electric blinds.

So to give your conservatory a sparkling ‘newly installed’ look give us a call at the Conservatory Cleaning Company on 01732 763946

We recommend that your conservatory is cleaned annually to ensure it looks good throughout the year

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