​​Welcome to CONSERVATORY CLEANING COMPANY the bespoke cleaning service for your conservatory.

We have been cleaning conservatories since 1999. We have cleaned all shapes, styles and makes and we have cleaned thousands over the years, so we know a thing or two about cleaning conservatories.

Most of our work is repeat business. In fact 77% are regular clients and many have been with us since we started.

We have all suffered from green and dirty glass, polycarbonate and frames. It is strange that uPVC is marketed as maintenance-free, but when exposed to the elements it still needs cleaning and maintaining.

ALL conservatories need regular cleaning, if not dirt, algae, moss and environmental pollutants will take hold causing damage to seals and joints leading to expensive repairs.

Regular maintenance including the clearing of gutters and valleys will ensure that water flows freely, thus reducing leaks and the development of moss and other growth. This growth, in many cases, can lift polycarbonate roof panels causing extensive damage.

Algae, unfortunately, becomes more and more difficult to remove the longer it is left. It will grow on glass roofs as well as polycarbonate and uPVC frames and if you have trees nearby, the weathering process can be exacerbated by tree sap in the air.

Whatever you may have seen advertised on TV or in publications, pressure- washers and steam cleaners should NEVER be used for cleaning conservatories as they can cause extensive damage to seals and glass units.

Over the years we have seen very expensive damage done by the misuse of these devices. Once the glass units are damaged by water (misting) the problem becomes terminal, with new units being required.

All good reasons for you to ensure you get your conservatory cleaned professionally - let CONSERVATORY CLEANING COMPANY brighten your world !